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Greetings from JDO GROUP
Your software solutions partner

Greetings from
Your software solutions partner

Our approach is in creating a comprehensive strategy aimed to ensure project success before it starts. We focus on results and long-term partnerships.

Chrome mobile
Smartly Coded & Maintained.

Product strategy

Having launched a number of successful enterprise and consumer based products over the years, we consider this as the most important step. Its vital to learn the end goal of the project so that we can engineer a scalable solution that provides exceptional results.

Scalable on Devices.

Powerful Performance

We offer expertise of our veteran developers, technical experts, and strategists who know the right questions to ask to get you on track with the right features, the perfect platform and the capacity to scale up your business.

Flexible & Customizable.

Continued Support

We do more than simply develop and hand off a project. We partner with you to deliver a platform that empowers you to achieve your goals.


Creating unique web applications, mobile apps, electronic businesses, and social network services, advanced system integrations, and complex yet elegant websites is our every day business.

Our team works hard to build and deploy apps that work across all platforms. From front-end development and user-experience to complex application development, we can take you there.

Mobile App Development

Every Size Matters

Our mobile application development business is built on effective communication and consultation practices, extensive testing, and constant refining of interactive processes.

We are dedicated to excellence, and we strive to ensure that every screen, no matter what its size, will look amazing, operate efficiently, and tell your story effectively.

Feature Rich

Our expertise spread across various technologies.


Achieve the maximum speed possible on the Web Platform today



Secure API endpoints with built-in support for industry standard

SQL Server

SQL Server

Take advantage of breakthrough scalability and performance of your database

.NET Framework

.NET Framework

Runtime to enhance performance of the software of the future



Developing smart contracts that run on Ethereum Virtual Machine



Decentralized, open-source blockchain with smart contract functionality

API Integrations











Google Maps


Our Latest Works


Global Escrow Platform


RFP Management Platform

Directed Electronics

SharePoint Internal Analysis / Research Portal

XM Trade

Trade Management Platform


Food Processing Industry Operations Management System

What Clients Say?

Customer Testimonails

I highly recommend Jim for any project. He is truly a master at his craft. He has worked with me on many complicated high end projects for such clients as Sony Music and Hallmark / NBC and has never let me down. If you want somebody who knows what they are doing Jim is your man!

Aaron Max Epstein Aaron Max Design
Customer Testimonails

Jim is the talented professional, steadily demonstrating his business expertise in every facet of his work. He is unique in his development talents coupled with his understanding of how a business works, which helped us move forward with our business.

Dmytro Bershadskyy White Gorilla Media
Customer Testimonails

Jim is great. He has a ton of experience (in terms of both design and coding) under his belt... allowing him to often anticipate things that clients don't think of... which in my experience, has saved time and helped avoid unnecessary complexities over the life of the projects I've worked with him on. He's easy to work with, and his work is top notch. I recommend Jim, without reservation, to anyone needing full stack development.

Michael Carnohan Director, Markets & Research
Customer Testimonails

Jim is a consummate professional and our go to developer when we need a complicated project managed and completed on time and on budget. We've used Jim for multiple projects over the years. Each project Jim worked on for us, regardless of its complexity, has exceeded our expectations. We couldn't be more pleased to work with Jim for more than 15 years or more proud to call him a friend. You are in great hands when Jim Odoulo is on the job.

Patrick O'Donnell XM Works, Inc.
Customer Testimonails

Jim was our go-to for pretty much anything coding related when we worked together. He was always up on the latest tech, was diligent and detail oriented and produced clean code. But beyond just writing code, he understood the problem to be solved and what was entailed in solving it, helping us to better plan and manage client expectations.

Eyal Nudelman Design Director at McKinsey & Company
Customer Testimonails

Jim is someone you can count on to solve problems. I've had the pleasure of knowing Jim for over ten years, during which he contributed to developing SolidProfessor, a web based learning management system. Above all, I was impressed with Jim's ability to take a problem, think about it critically, and propose robust solutions. And, of course, his willingness to roll with ever changing demands. Jim would be a true asset for any positions requiring application development experience and I'm happy to give him my recommendation

Pedro Santana SolidProfessor
Customer Testimonails

Jim helped us create and build the very original framework for ReadyBid.net. We are now used by over 600 corporations worldwide.. Cannot thank him enough

Joseph Friedmann ReadyBid
Customer Testimonails

I am really impressed with Jim Odoulo Development skills. He is honest professional and can get the job done. We had a great working relationship with plenty of communication throughout the project. When it comes to development and design Jim is the way to go!

Joe Alegre Consulting Uptime

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